Next up: Pre-opening Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy 2015

The next concert will be on the 19 April 2015, 8pm at the Forum Confluentes, Koblenz. Together with the oboist Monika Dawidek, we will be playing as part of a special event presenting this year’s Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy, which takes place on the 18-25 May 2015. Entrance is free, hope to see you there.

19/04/15 – 20:00
Forum Confluentes
Zentral Platz
56068 Koblenz

 Russell Poyner classical guitarist 5 Dawidek-Poyner-Duo

Das nächste Konzert findet am 29. April, 20 Uhr im Forum Confluentes, Koblenz, statt. Zusammen mit der Oboistin Monika Dawidek spielen wir als Teil der Untermalung der Präsentation des diesjährigen Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy, 18.-25. Mai. Eintritt frei.

19.04.15 – 20.00
Forum Confluentes
Zentral Platz
56068 Koblenz

Recording 2014

So I’m having to play catch up here, as I was guilty of being a bit slack in updating the old website – sorry! Slap on the wrist – it won’t happen again. One of the big highlights last year was the recording of my first CD, together with the wonderful oboist Monika Dawidek – an all South American Album of solos and duos with oboe.

Dawidek Poyner Duo 128  Dawidek Poyner Duo 129

We were extremely lucky to be able to use the Evangelische Kirche in the beautiful wine village of Winningen on the river Mosel (certainly worth a visit should you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods). I’ve had the pleasure to play in the church before and acoustically it is just fantastic – I think the church having a wooden floor gives it a much warmer sound. We also had the enormous pleasure to work with the sound engineer Ole Muth. He went about his job with much passion, patience (although I don’t think we caused him that many problems), and also brought some new and interesting ideas with him.

Dawidek Poyner Duo  Dawidek Poyner Ole Muth 070

We recorded the CD in two parts, the first in April as duo – recording music from Astor Piazzolla, Celso Machado and Luiz Bonfá. The solo recordings of music by Heitor Villa-lobos, Agustín Barrios Mangoré and Dilermando Reis took place in November. The different sessions presented their own individual challenges – as a duo finding the right balance between the instruments, and for the solo works finding the “sweet spot” in the church. But we took our time, and with some experimentation we got the sound we wanted. With the church being in a wine village we also had the occasional tractor driving by and of course the church-bells to contend with. But not only this, a special feature in Winningen is the “Ortsrundfunk” – now how do I explain this? A system of loudspeakers placed across the village, broadcast twice daily local information which is preceded by brass band music. So you can imagine the problems that caused when at that moment the “Green Light” was on. I think for the best explanation, click here.

Dawidek Poyner Duo 111  Dawidek Poyner Duo 134

All in all we are extremely proud and happy with the results. The CD is being released on the First Hand Records label and will be launched on the 13 July 2015.


A different guitar competition | Gitarrenwettbewerb mal anders

Last Saturday I had the fun job of sitting on the Jury of the 4th Rheinland Pfälzische Air Guitar Championship (yes air guitar), and what fun it was. I’m afraid there was no Rossiniana’s or Brouwer Sonata and the 1st prize was only an oversized bottle of beer (and of course passage into the next round), but on the plus side it was ok to drink beer during the performances. My kind of guitar competition! More Photos 

Photos by Kai Myller

Russell Poyner Air Guitar (14) Luft Guitar (5) Luft Guitar (10) Luft Guitar (11)  Luft Guitar (6)

Ich hatte am vorigen Samstag die große Freude als Mittglied der Jury an der 4. Rheinland-Pfälzischen Luftgitarrenmeisterschaft teilzunehmen. Es hat riesigen Spaß gemacht! Leider gab es keine Rossiniana’s oder Brouwer Sonata im Programm und der 1. Preis war nur eine Mega Flasche Bier, aber auf der positiven Seite durfte Mann während des Wettbewerbs das eine oder andere Bier trinken. Gitarrenwettbewerb mal anders! Mehr Fotos 

Next up: Concert 17th April 2015

My next concert will be on the 17th of April in the Jakobuskappelle, Koblenz, as part of the 12. Koblenzer Nacht der offenen Kirchen. Together with the oboist Monika Dawidek we shall be performing solos and duos by Arcangelo Correlli (listen), J.S.Bach, Heitor Villa-Lobos (listen), and Astor Piazzolla (listen), amongst others. The concert starts at 21.30 and the entrance is free. Hope to see you there.

17/04/15 – 21.30
Am alten Hospital/Ecke Kastorhof
56068 Koblenz

Russell Poyner Dawidek live 2

Mein nächstes Konzert ist am 17. April in der kleinen aber feinen Jakobuskappelle, Koblenz, bei der 12. Koblenzer Nacht der offenen Kirchen. Zusammen mit der Oboistin Monika Dawidek spielen wir Solos und Duos von Arcangelo Correlli (hören), J.S.Bach, Heitor Villa-Lobos (hören), Astor Piazzolla (hören), u.a. Der Eintritt ist frei und das Konzert beginnt um 21.30 Uhr.

17.04.15 – 21.30 Uhr
Am Alten Hospital/Ecke Kastorhof
56068 Koblenz