“Really musical performances of character and commitment”

Lady Barbirolli, BBC Radio, June 2000

“This whole performance brought tears to my eyes”

John Wallace OBE, BBC Radio, June 2000

“Wonderful colouring – a great maturity of expression”

Leonard Pearcey, BBC Radio, June 2000

“…Russell Poyner from Birmingham plays his guitar with energy and vigour, with precision and understanding, with lyrical filigree and a skill for interpretation…”

Rhein-Zeitung Sept 2007

”…the English solo guitarist Russell Poyner enchanted the capacity audience in the Pallotiner-Kapelle in Ehrenbreitstein…he was brilliant on the six strings.”

Rhein-Zeitung Sept 2007

“He has a beautiful tone with lots of subtle colour changes built over a solid pulse. Above all, his interpretation does not appear clichéd or predictable.”

Therese Wassily Saba (Classical Guitar Magazine, Oct 2003)

“…Russell Poyner managed to really get himself inside the composers’ minds, thoughts and feelings, accentuating this with his unique interpretation skills. In J. S. Bach’s “Fuga” from the Lute Suite (BWV 997), he showed his fine attention to detail for Bach’s thematic variations on the fingerboard…Just as impressive was Poyner’s vocal performance of the John Dowland love song “If my complaints could Passions Move”…The “Cinq Preludes” from the Brazilian Villa-Lobos, advanced under Poyner’s fingers into a wonderful performance, and a truthful homage to the pure lust for life and the musical roots of the Brazilian people. The audience were captivated and thanked the artist with heartfelt and sincere applause. Playing J. S. Bach’s “Sarabande” as an encore, the artist ended this musical journey through the diverse beauty of sound.”

Wolfgang Frech (Rhein-Zeitung Hunsrück, Feb 2007)

“The Imperial War Museum was the unusual but highly appropriate setting for a Guitar recital in Homage to Antonio José by the very gifted Russell Poyner … [who] excelled in this work [José’s Sonata], and all in the entire recital was a triumph.”

Robert Matthew-Walker (Musical Opinion Supplement, July 2002)

“Not only on the guitar but also with his full sounding voice, Poyner proved to be a master, performing songs such as „Come heavy sleep” wonderfully. Through the music Poyner succeeded to the bring over the spirit of the Elizabethan Court, and show just how little Sting (who has help make the songs of Dowland popular again) can actually sing these songs. This together with his humorous chat on stage, made this performance an extremely entertaining evening”.

Hartmut Breyer (Der Westen 05.04.2009)

“…the performance was so captivating and full of life, that the audience didn’t want it to end…”

Koblenz International Guitar Society, Feb 2009

“Russell Poyner is a unique performer who is equally accomplished as a singer and as a classical guitarist. This is a rare talent in the classical music world because of the demands of both roles; Russell Poyner manages to divide himself into two and give sensitive interpretations on both his chosen instruments at the same time.”

Koblenz International Guitar Society, Feb 2009

“This fine young player will certainly develop – his performance was always colourful, demonstrating his dedication and musicianship.”

Michael Smith (North Holland Philharmonic Orchestra, Sept 2000)

“A very accomplished performance by a talented young player”

Southampton Classical Guitar Society, March 2001

“Mompou, Rodrigo, Falla, Ohana, and of course José: few can disagree with the poignancy of the compositions chosen”.

Tim Panting (Classical Guitar, July 2002)

“We immediately were able to appreciate his clear but passionate playing… Bravo to a great British player!”

Greenwood Classical Guitar Society, June 2003

“Russell Poyner treated us to some stunning playing…We all had stiff necks from craning round the people in front to try to watch his hands. Such a wealth of talent-we are very lucky!”

Sheepscombe Village News, Sept 2003

“Russell’s programme was very well balanced… [and] was very lyrical and expressive. I find Poyner’s interpretation of Ohana’s Tiento particularly satisfying. I have heard him perform it before, and it always has the same affect on me… I just want him to play it again.”

Therese Wassily Saba (Classical Guitar Magazine, Aug 2004)

“The Rodrigo masterclass was followed by the British guitarist Russell Poyner playing a fine performance of the full Concierto de Aranjuez with the Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie.”

Therese Wassily Saba (Classical Guitar Magazine, 2005)

“Russell played together with the Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie the Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo. The enthusiastic applause from the full Concert Hall, and a happy examination jury documented the top quality standards at the Guitar Academy Koblenz.”

Akustik Gitarre, 2005

“High Fives all around! A rare glimpse at the next generation of guitar greats from Europe. Russell Poyner is truly a musician’s musician.”

Anthony Palmucci (Musical Director The Music Academy, Oct 2007)