„La Vida Breve“ – Benefizkonzert zugunsten von SeaWatch e.V.

„La Vida Breve, das kurze Leben“, unter diesem Titel und mit Werken von Manuel de Falla, Joaquín Nin, Astor Piazzolla und Radamés Gnattali lädt das Elliot Duo in der Besetzung Mareike Schünemann (Violoncello) und Russell Poyner (Gitarre) ein zu einer musikalischen Reise über das Mittelmeer bis hin nach Südamerika.

Das Benefizkonzert zugunsten von SeaWatch e.V. findet am Samstag, dem 26. August 2017, in der Galerie Handwerk statt und beginnt um 18.00 Uhr. Der Eintritt ist frei, um Spenden wird gebeten.

Weitere Infos: ralf@circus-maximus.org oder info@russellpoyner.com

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch Circus Maximus, Handwerkskammer Koblenz, Jobelius Spirituosen, Kulturverlag Günther Schmitz & Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy.

Benefizkonzert SeawatchBenefizkonzert Seawatch Rückseite 2

New videos from the Elliot Duo

Here are two new videos from the Elliot Duo, recorded live in concert at the beginning of July. Two movements from the  Spanish Suite – „Seguida Espanola“ – by the composer Joaquin Nin. Hope you enjoy them.

Seguida Espanola IV. Andaluza by Joaquin Nin (1879-1949)

It uses a traditional Andalusian folk song and dance – „El Vito“ – the origins of which can be traced back to the 16th century.

The text goes a little bit like this:

Una vieja vale un real / An old woman is worth a real
Y una muchacha dos cuartos, / and a young girl two cuartos,
Y yo, como soy tan pobre / but as I am so poor
Me voy a lo más barato. / I go for the cheapest.

Con el vito, vito, vito, / On with the dancing,
Con el vito, vito, va, / on with the dancing, ole!
No me haga ‚usté cosquillas, / Stop your teasing, sir,
Que me pongo ‚colorá! / else I’ll blush!

Seguida Espanola II. Murciana by Joaquin Nin (1879-1949)

The Murciana is a spirited song and dance, named (surprisingly enough) after the city of Murcia. The melody is based on the traditional song – „El Paño Murciano“.

The text goes something like this:

Diga usted, señor platero, / Tell me, Mister Silversmith
Cuánta plata es menester / how much silver’s needed
Para engarzar un besito / to set a little kiss
De boca de una mujer. / from a woman’s lips?

Señor platero, he pensado / Mister Silversmith, thinking
Que usted sabe engarzar; / that you could set jewels,
Por eso le vengo a dar / I’ve come to give you
Una obrita de cuidado / a little task that needs some care.

A mí un besito me ha dado / A most alluring little kiss
Mi novia con gran salero. / my sweetheart gave me,
Engarzarlo en plata quiero, / I’d like to set it in silver,
Por que soy su fiel amante. / since I’m her faithful lover.

¿Qué plata será bastante? / How much silver would it take?
Diga usted, señor platero. / Pray tell me, Mister Silversmith.

Elliot Duo in Denmark, Hallig Langeneß and Kassel

I’m very happy to announce that the Elliot Duo will be making their way northwards in August to perform in Denmark, with a concert on the way at Hallig Langeneß and a private-concert on the return journey in Kassel.

So if you happen to be in Hallig Langeneß or Nørre Nebel, Dänemark, do pop by, have a listen, and say hello.

12. August 2017: Konzert in Hallig Langeneß
Halligkirche auf Langeneß, Kirchwarft, 25863 Langeneß
20:00 Uhr

15. August 2017: Konzert in Dänemark
Lønne Kirke, Houstrupvej 151, 6830 Nørre Nebel, Dänemark
20:00 Uhr

Last week @ Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy 2017

It was a great pleasure and a privilege to play at this years Koblenz International Guitar Festival. It was an honour to share the stage with the wonderful Sabrina Vlaskalic and Tristan Angenendt, and an absolute joy to perform (and also rehearse) with the ladies of the fantastic Koblenz International Guitar Festival String Quartet. A big thank you to all of you, and of course Georg Schmitz and the Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy.
It was also nice to be introduced onto the stage by my old pal Nigel Boyle. I could get used to it.

P.S. And the best thing is I get to do it again at the end of August!

Thank you Kai Müller for the great photos!


Concert @ Koblenz International Guitar Festival 2017

I’m very excited to be playing at this years Koblenz International Guitar Festival. I’ll be performing the Quintet for Guitar and String Quartet Op. 143 by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco with the Koblenz International Guitar Festival String Quartet. It’s also a pleasure to be sharing the stage with the wonderful Sabrina Vlaskalic and Tristan Angenendt.

Saturday 3 June, 03.30 pm at the Rhein-Mosel-Halle, Rheinsaal.

You can get tickets here – http://www.koblenzguitarfestival.de/de/ 

Next up: Dawidek-Poyner Duo 05. May 2017

My next concert will be on the 5 May at the Jakobuskappelle, Koblenz, as part of the 14. Koblenzer Nacht der offenen Kirchen. Together with the oboist Monika Dawidek, we shall hopefully be trying out some new repertoire from Jacques Ibert, Béla Bartók, Barna Kováts, along with a few old favourites from Ástor Piazzolla (listen).  The concert starts at 19.30 and the entrance is free. Hope to see you there.

05/05/17 – 19.30
Am alten Hospital/Ecke Kastorhof
56068 Koblenz

Jakobuskapelle 05. Mai 17

Concert & Masterclass @ Warwick School

Last month I had the great pleasure to give a concert and masterclass at Warwick School. It all took place in the new Warwick Hall, which was a great venue to perform in. It was a pleasure to listen to some fantastic playing from some very talented guitar students, it’s good to see such a healthy and active guitar department. A big thank you to my good friend David Storer, and all those at the school who helped with the organisation.