Dawidek-Poyner Duo

Davidek-Poyner-Duo Oboe klassische Gitarre

Dawidek Poyner Duo guitar oboe 1

Since their first concert together in 2011, the oboist Monika Dawidek and the guitarist Russell Poyner have captivated audiences with their energy, vitality and interaction on stage, as they charmingly bring together this unusual combination of instruments.

Their performances have been described as “wonderfully sensitive … impressive … thrilling” (Rhein Zeitung), as “an excellent performance … their playing was just [so] exciting” (Gendai Guitar Magazine, Tokyo), and “The two were able to charm the audience, who fully appreciated all the nuances of their interpretations“. (dotGuitar, Italy)

The duo’s repertoire covers a wide range of genres, from Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic, through to Spanish and Modern music, with a focus on the music of South America.


„…wonderfully sensitive … impressive … thrilling…“

                                                 Rhein Zeitung, Koblenz

„…Russell Poyner (guitar) & Monika Dawidek (Oboe) presented in this unusual formation music by Piazzolla, Corelli, JC Pepusch and Gerardo Hernan Matos Rodriguez. The two were able to charm the audience, who fully appreciated all the nuances of their interpretations…“

                                   dotGuitar, Italien

„…an excellent performance…, their playing was just exciting…“

Gendai Guitar Magazine, Tokio

„…beautiful tone and the Duo worked well together…“

              Classical Guitar Magazine, London

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